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About Fleebay

Fleebay.co.uk is an Affiliate Site; that means we are able to bring you all the best products from Amazon and in turn you get the peace of mind that you are dealing with a name you can trust.

As an affliate site, we advertise a wide range of products from Amazon.co.uk; when you click on them you can view all the same great information you can on Amazon such as reviews.

At No Point whilst using fleebay.co.uk will you be asked for any payment details nor will you be under any obligation to buy. This may not be the case on Amazon.co.uk and Fleebay.co.uk does not accept any liability should you agree on Amazon.co.uk to buy the selected goods. PLEASE check your Shopping Backet thoroughly on Amazon.co.uk before commiting to buy the goods. Please see below for information on how to buy goods through Fleebay.

Please remember that:

  • No payments are taken by Fleebay.co.uk
  • No orders are placed with Fleebay.co.uk; all orders are placed with Amazon.co.uk and the items respective seller on Amazon.co.uk
  • No products are dispatched by Fleebay.co.uk
  • Fleebay is not responsible for refunds or dealing with complaints relating to products or service received from the seller or Amazon are dealt with by Fleebay.co.uk and must be taken up directly with Amazon.co.uk or the seller.

If you have any concerns or problems with an order that you have placed through clicking on any of the links on this site, please contact the seller (via Amazon) direct.

Refunds: If you are not entirely satisfied with the product you have purchased, please contact the seller direct. Fleebay.co.uk is unable to provide refunds, proof of purchase or proof of delivery.

Whilst we endevour to keep all information on this site accurate, we are not responsible for 3rd party mistakes (i.e. Amazon seller charges you a different price than advertised). When you place your order, please check the details thoroughly before committing to buy.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about this site or how to order; we will be happy to help.


How to buy:

The Fleebay Shop is an Amazon aStore affiliate shop, displayed by Fleebay but run by Amazon themselves, giving you a name you trust and secure online payment. Whats more - it couldn't be easier to use! Simply use the menu on the left to navigate your way around our various departments. When you clicko n a product you will see all the product information direct from Amazon.co.uk.

When you add an item to your shopping cart you can view your orders by clicking on the "Shopping Cart" link at the top of any Fleebay Shop page. On this page you can update your order or delete items from it by changing the quantity to "0". PLEASE NOTE: orders for Kindle ebooks are sent directly to Amazon.co.uk and are not shown in your Fleebay shopping cart.

You then have two options: Continue Shopping or Proceed to Checkout...

Continue shopping: This will take you back to the main shopping page for Fleebay where you can continue to browse the products and add others if you so wish.

Proceed to Checkout: This will transfer your checkout to the main Amazon.co.uk website where you can again update your selections and pay for your goods. Once this has done, your shopping basket on fleebay.co.uk will be wiped clean. You can still add to your Amazon.co.uk checkout by repeating the steps above and the full list of goods will be shown on Amazon.co.uk.

And thats it.. easy as 1, 2, 3

How to buy on Fleebay



Fleebay ~ In Association with Amazon.co.uk

Fleebay is in no way associated with either EBay or Fleabay. All links on this site point directly to the corresponding page on Amazon.co.uk

Prices shown are correct at time of publication onto the website. Whilst Fleebay trys to ensure information is 100% correct all of the time, Fleebay accepts no resposibility for price or description changes - please check your shopping cart carefully before placing any orders. Fleebay.co.uk accepts no responsibility for the contents of any pages linked to from its pages. Any concerns or problems with anything purchased through clicking the links displayed on Fleebay.co.uk should be directed to the original advertiser on Amazon.co.uk. Check out our Terms & Conditions for further information.

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